Monday, December 29, 2008

Stuff for my Little Sis

I have a new Little Sis on SCS. I look forward to this round. The last two LS's I have had have been great and I am sure this one will be just a great. She seems fun. I made these red and white cards (her favorite color is red) with her initial to put in her "reveal" package. The red ribbon is just wrapped about the cards to tie them together, it isn't part of the card. I made the other card to send her in the mail tomorrow. I will put some fun things in it. I always like to include little surprises in my cards that I send.

I hope she will like them!


  1. how sweet and fun....i hope you two have some great fun together! *~*

  2. I'm sure she'll love these! They're really pretty...nice work!!!

  3. I'm sure she will love these they are very cute!