Sunday, December 28, 2008

Frames were a hit!

The frames that I made for Dal & Kerri were quite the hit! They loved them, which really made me feel good.
My friend that I made the frame for (several posts ago) with her wedding program and the ribbon from the program? She LOVED IT!!! I was a bit concerned about it. She grew up in a wealthy family and has nothing but the best so I was afraid a "homemade frame" wouldn't be well received. I was wrong, which totally thrills me!


  1. I am so glad your handmade items where a hit....I think they are the best gifts to receive....congrats! *~*

  2. That's because your personal thoughts, time and attention went into it making it super special!
    They are lucky to be the receipients of such wonderful goodies!!
    Your work is beautiful xxx

  3. I had no doubt that the recipients would love your frames! You do beautiful work!!!

  4. Your work was beautiful... glad they loved and appreciated it!