Saturday, December 6, 2008

So Not a "Stamping" Post

Okay, I was at home from work yesterday and what did I get the privilege to see? O.J. SIMPSON being sentenced to prison. I actually work for a judge so I see this stuff every single day. If ever a person (and I use that term loosely) deserves prison, it is O.J.

The Goldmans were sitting in the courtroom watching. I am sure they felt wonderful seeing him in shackles. It has to be bittersweet for them that he finally is getting a prison sentence that he deserves, regardless of whether it was for murder (which was a no brainer as far as most are concerned) or for his Vegas crimes.

I loved the judge when she indicated that she wasn't sure whether he was arrogant or an idiot and decided he was both. I think until the sentence was handed down that O.J. thought he would walk again. Obviously that is where the arrogance and the idiocy come in.

Go to the library and get the book "If I Did It." It amazes me how he remembered everything EXCEPT the "incident." The man is guilty and he'll always be guilty.

Hopefully for the Browns and the Goldmans this prison sentence will give them some well deserved closure that the scumbag, O.J. Simpson deserves.

I'm sure when O.J. dies, he will be surrounded by alot of friends and people he knows in HELL.

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  1. Hi Tammy, just stopping by to say HI, I'm Sara from your blog group #6 on scs. And I totally agree about OJ, it's about time