Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Another Stroll Down Martie Boulevard"

I have such dislike for Martha (Martie) Stewart. But for some reason I have found myself buying some of her "crafty" items.

I got this glitter (which I happen to love) at Walmart today in the Christmas aisle for 50% off. It ended up costing $4.45. I am going to get another one for my Little Sis on SCS.

I found this Martie paper and this Martie ribbon in the "clearance" aisle (don't you just LOVE the word "clearance?) at Michael's yesterday. The paper was $3.00. That's right - $3.00. My problem with it is that it is like "tissue" type paper and not cardstock paper. It didn't say that anywhere on the package. For $3.00, though, what do you do? Does anyone have any ideas on how to use this?

Now for the Martie ribbon. Isn't it just gorgeous? It was only .99 cents each I tell you. Love it!


  1. really the glitter 50% off, wow, i need to go, i love her glitters.