Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm so NOT a Martha fan...

I'm here to tell you that I do NOT like Martha Stewart. Who knows all that stuff? But most of all, who does all that stuff?

I swore I would never purchase Martha products. So, with that being said, I was at Michael's today and Marty's products were on sale for 30% off. Well, I decided to take a little stroll down Martha Stewart Boulevard and I found this glitter. Do I use glitter? No. Do I need glitter? No. I LOVED the color so much I decided I had to have it. In fact, I may go buy more colors tomorrow.

Now that I am purchasing this glitter, can someone tell me what I can do with it?


  1. Glitter is one of my favorite accessories! I glitter everything! you can use glitter on stamped images, glass christmas balls, ribbon as dots/stripes, anything and everything looks better with bling :)

  2. you are too funny! Buy a glue pad (like a stamp pad except it is glue), or use some really tacky tape. Glitter will become an addiction, too, so watch out!

  3. Nah, you DO need glitter! Use it with a sailor glue pen! I always think less is more when it comes to glitter but the merest touch can really change the card from ho hum to sit up and take a look!

  4. I agree! Down with Martha. I too have that glitter (it was a gift) along with a gorgeous chocolate brown colored glitter. I'm not much of a glitter person either, but let me tell you, get a glue pad stamp a snowflake and throw on some of that blue glitter. WOW! Love it!