Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank you card

I made this for my SCS Big Sis. I love the "clean" look of the card.

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  1. I stumbled on you site and found your work looks like it is very good.

    Only Problem...
    Your sample photographs don't present your work at it's best.

    A few suggestions!
    Take your pictures outside during a sunny day.
    Put your cards in a shaded area that gets lots of indirect light.
    Position the camera so that you are taking the shot straight on, this is to avoid both parallax distortion and will keep all of the object in focus
    Use an image editor and at least adjust the Brightness and Contrast (GIMP is a free open source editor, I use Adobe Photoshop but GIMP is good).
    Before posting on this blog, crop and re-size to fit within 400 pixels maximum width or 450 pixels maximum height.

    This will help cast your work in a much better light. You are extremely good and have real talent with paper, DEFINITELY keep it up!

    If I could have found an email address to send this to I would have done so. This is not the best way to critique someones work, I'm sorry for any offense this post may cause.