Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garage Sale Find

I stopped at a garage sale this morning and found this Ikea container which I will use to put something in I know - and it was a bargain for 50 cents.

Then I found a jar of old buttons. I asked how much they were and the girl said $1.00. I told her I'd give her 50 cents. SCORE! When I took the old buttons out of the jar, not only were there buttons but also 36 cents. I got a return on my investment. I just love a fun bargain.


  1. I am absolutely NO good at bargaining! I would feel too guilty and want to give it back...sad I am!

  2. Ooooh buttons--and a great bargain at that! I bought a pair of Jones New York slacks at a sale this weekend for fifty cents--and found a dollar in the pocket when I got home!

  3. WOW that is an awesome deal!!! getting the jar with money in it:)

    Great finds hun!!!


  4. I bet most if not all of those buttons will find their way onto cards. Have fun embellishing away!

  5. Now those were some lucky buttons!!!! I LOVE finding bargains (: Thanks for sharing your fun find!

  6. I love finding crafting supplies at garage sales! Nice score!