Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scrapping Slump

I am having a really hard time scrapbooking. I have more stuff than I will ever use in a lifetime and I sit down at my desk and am just overwhelmed. It isn't really anything to do with the amount of stuff that I have. I think it is just my brain is not wrapping around the creative process. I can't figure out what kind of paper I want to use with what pictures and I feel like I keep doing the same thing over and over again. I jump from one thing to another and don't seem to have any consistency.
Any ideas?


  1. My suggestion is to pick a photo that you love and start small. Make a 6 X 6 or an 8 X 8 page so you don't have too much space to fill. If that doesn't work pick a sketch and let the sketch guide you. Your mojo is right there....I know it is.

  2. I have had this issue, and going on others blogs always seem to inspire me, and checking out on-line scrapbook magazines help too! Just take a deep breath!

  3. I just love the CTMH sketch books... lots of ideas for multi-photo layouts. Also, okieladybug has been posting lots of sketches on her blog lately.

  4. I totally understand what you are going through. I was the same way until the last month when a friend asked me to scrap pages of her adorable son. Maybe if you give yourself goals for each day you will get in the "mood" to scrapbook. Also once you see the work you have done it helps even more. Good Luck!

  5. whenever I'm in a slump, I hop onto a challenge page - i may not do the challenge but I get inspired.

    i also get together with my girl friends and stamp/scrap every month. i get a lot of things done on those nights (granted it's an all day thing). we are planning a stamping retreat in the summer and i'm already planning what projects I'll be working on during that getaway - hoping to get about 2-3 albums done (crossing fingers).

    hope you get the "mojo" again soon!

  6. When I get into a slump I do a challenge page from SCS. It really helps to follow someone else's ideas. I also look at Creating Keepsakes magazine for inspiration. Hope this helps (:

  7. There were alot of plans/sketches for 6x6 books that were popular a while back to do something like 20 page layouts in an hour. I did several, and made alot of variations to use up scraps. So when I started on the bigger pages, I went through and replicated the ones I really liked only using 12x12s.
    Another place I got my inspiration is Club Scrap, I bought several kits, and when I would get one done, I would the re-do their templates in my stashed papers that I would put together into co-ordinating colors/patterns. The theory with Club Scrap is that you keep making your basic pages, then flip through your photos and match them up with pages that work with them. Then you peronalize them. The nice thing about CS, is that most of their pages can be flipped to use the page for any of the 4 sides, unless the paper is one-way, in that case, I use a temproary adhesive to the phot mats to re-orient if I need to. Sounds kind of backwards, but it got me going and using my stash & stuff.
    View Club Scrap's layouts at:
    This should give you plenty of mojo!